Myrna Neuringer Levy
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Shattered Stones, Scattered Seeds
"Shattered Stones, Scattered Seeds" Copyright 2015 Iguana Press
  Title: Shattered Stones, Scattered Seeds

Summary: Family mysteries often remain tangled for decades, just waiting for someone to pick up the thread and begin to unravel the web.

Filled with questions, Myrna puzzles over her family history. What was life like for her father growing up in the Galician shtetl of Borchov at the turn of the last century? Why did her Grandpa leave for New York so suddenly? And why did her Grandma never leave, even after her two sons did?

Inspired by a photograph of Grandmother Clara, Myrna explores her family background, through a combination of letters, photographs, the Yizkor Book, memoirs, and her own memories.

Author: Myrna Neuringer Levy

Publisher: Iguana Press

Format: Issued in print and electronic formats, 166 pages

ISBN: 978 - 1 - 77180-096-9 (pbk.), 978-1-77180-097-6 (epub), 978-1-778180-098-3 (kindle)
© Myrna Levy 2008